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Blogs and Podcasts

Capital Weather Gang    “We’ll explain what causes various weather phenomena, warn you about bad (and good) weather on the horizon, and during severe weather or emergencies our blog will be an up-to-the-minute resource.”

Cocorahs.blogspot.com   “CoCoRaHS is a unique, non-profit, community-based network of volunteers of all ages and backgrounds working together to measure and map precipitation.”

Vittorio’s Voyages   “A diary of storm chases, trips, and weather events.”

Community Cloud Atlas   “The place to show off your pictures of the sky, identify clouds, and discuss how specific cloud types form and what they can tell you about current and future weather.”

Roger Pielke, Jr.  “Science, Innovation, Politics.”

MADWEATHER  “A blog about southwestern weather, weather forecasting and observing, and other related topics.”

Mike Smith Enterprises Blog “A blog about weather, climate, and science.”

WeatherBrains   “The official netcast for people who love weather.”